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July 15 2013

6937 bef5
sagittarius, style, fashion

Image size: 500x343
9406 68b3
art, diy, nails

Image size: 580x600
9407 e409
art, nails, finding nemo

Image size: 500x375
9409 01ec
art, butterfly, diamond

Image size: 600x792
8315 2916
art, coolest, angry bird

Image size: 500x400
8318 2693
gyaru, pastel goth, pink

Image size: 612x612
8207 ef2c
hands, life, nails

Image size: 500x332
7047 6150
diy, art, nails

Image size: 500x624
7048 affa
art, colourfull, nails

Image size: 550x400
7049 ab61
cross, nails, nails art

Image size: 500x500
7050 2405
black, glitter, nails

Image size: 479x750
3652 3dbd
art, cute, nail art

Image size: 1024x763
3653 ad4f
art, nails, pretty

Image size: 600x349
1933 9ba0
cute, starbucks, fashion

Image size: 500x375
0826 3590
abs, nails, fitspiration

Image size: 500x500
0829 59be

Image size: 612x612
0831 55e9
music, festival, leo

Image size: 491x342
9673 06d7
cute, game, pach man

Image size: 500x680
9674 2395
books, line, nail

Image size: 601x603
6490 8c96
nails, nail art, nail design

Image size: 640x958
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